From Jon Phillips, Editor and Publisher, BOOKMARKS MAGAZINE:


Lee Elliott has become an invaluable member of our extended staff at Bookmarks Magazine. He is a meticulous copyeditor, an excellent stylist, and an impromptu fact-checker, thanks to his broad range of knowledge. We’re a literary magazine and have a subscriber list full of librarians and retired English teachers. Before working with Lee, grammatical mistakes would slip through and we’d never hear the end of it. Those days are over. As one reader wrote recently, “I’ve never found an error your magazine!”


We started with Lee just as you might—as a copyeditor for hire. We soon added him to our masthead: Lee had become an integral part of the magazine, and we wanted to reflect that. I highly recommend working with Lee. Just don’t try to take up all his time. We were here firstJ!


Jon Phillips

Editor and Publisher


bookmarks magazine

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