air raids (n.—not air-raids—see W’s 10th )

all right (adjectival phrase—not alright—see

 W’s 10th )

Anglo-Irish (adj., n.)

an (article used with h +  vowel in Ireland/ England ca. 1916—as in “an hotel,” p. 194)

ascendancy (not Ascendancy—see W’s 10th )

Austro-Hungarian (adj.—not Austria-Hungarian—see W’s New Geog.)




bathtub (n.—not bath tub—see W’s 10th )

battlefield (n.—not battle field—see W’s


beaten-earth (adj.—not beaten earth—see

CMS Table 6.1)

better-done (adj.—not better done—see CMS

Table 6.1)

Boadicea (2nd spelling in W’s 10th:

“Biographical Names”)

breach-of-promise (adj.—not beach of

promise—see CMS Table 6.1)

bread and butter (compound noun—not

bread-and-butter—see W’s 10th )

britches (2nd spelling in W’s 10—1st is


brush-and-ink (adj.—not brush and ink—see

CMS Table 6.1)




cancelled (2nd spelling in W’s 10th )

candlelight (n.—not candle light—see W’s

10th )

chimneypiece (as n.—not chimney piece—

see W’s 10th )

clearheaded (adj.—not clear-headed—see

W’s 10th )

cotreasurer (n., not co-treasurer—see CMS

Table 6.1)

courts-martial (n.—not courts martial—see

W’s 10th )




day-to-day (adj.—not day to day—see W’s

10th )

death-defying (adj.—not death defying—see

CMS Table 6.1)

dining-room (adj.—not dining room or

diningroom—see CMS Table 6.1)

dining room (n.—not diningroom—see W’s

10th )

door knocker (n.—not door-knocker)—see

 W’s 10th )




easier-to-imagine (adj.—not easier to

imagine—see CMS Table 6.1)


E (continued)


eighteenth-century (adj.—not eighteenth

century see CMS Table 6.1)

eight-inch (adj.—not eighteen inch—see

CMS Table 6.1)

enquiry (2nd spelling in W’s 10th )

enquiries (2nd spelling in W’s 10th )

evil smelling (adj.—not evil-smelling—see

CMS Table 6.1)




face-to-face (adj.—not face to face—see W’s

 10th )

fanlight (n.—not fan light—see W’s 10th )

far-from-secure (adj.—not far from secure—

see CMS, Table 6.1)

farmyard (n.—not farm yard)

far-from-affluent (adj.—not far from

affluent—see CMS, Table 6.1)

fellow sufferers (n.—not fellow-sufferers or

fellowsufferers—see W’s 10th.)

Findlay-proposed (adj.—not Findlay

proposed—see CMS, Table 6.1)

forever (adv.—not for ever—see W’s 10th )

foxhounds (n.—not fox-hounds—see CMS,

Table 6.1)

foxhunting (n.—not fox-hunting—see W’s

10th )

free state (n.: lc because not one of U.S.

States prohibiting slavery before

Civil War—see W’s 10th )

fuelling (2nd spelling in W’s 10th )




good-bye (not goodbye—see W’s 10th)

good night (not good-night—see CMS, Table


gray (not grey: the author mostly uses the

spelling gray)

Great-Aunt Katie (not great-aunt Katie)

grizzling (Brit. for “complaining or fretful”—

not “grisseling”—see W’s 10th and


gravelled (2nd spelling in W’s 10th )

grown up (as adj. after noun—not grown-

up—see CMS, Table 6.1)

gunrunning (n.—not gun running—see W’s





half-a-day’s (adj.-poss.—not half a day’s—

see CMS Table 6.1)

half-asleep (adj.—not half asleep—see CMS

Table 6.1)

half-turned (adj.—not half turned—see CMS

Table 6.1)

halfway (adv.—not half way—see W’s 10th )

handwriting (n.—not hand-writing—see W’s

10th )


H (continued)


hardheaded (adj.—not hard-headed—see W’s

10th )

hard riding (adj.—not hard-riding—see CMS

Table 6.1)

hatboxes (n.—not hat boxes—see W’s 10th )

hearth rug (n.—not hearthrug—see CMS,

Table 6.1)

Heligoland (n.—2nd spelling in W’s 10th )

high-handed (adj.—not highhanded—see

CMS Table 6.1)

high-handedness n.—not high handedness—

see W’s 10th )

Highland (adj.—not highland but capped

when referring to the Highlands of


house party (n.—not houseparty or house-

party—see W’s 10th )




Irish president (not Irish President)




jawline (n.—not jaw line—see W’s 10th )




kitchen-to-drawing-room (adj.—not kitchen

to drawing room—see CMS Table 6.1)




laissez-faire (not lazier faire—see W’s 10th )

landowning (not land-owning—see W’s

10th )

large-scale (adj.—not large scale—see CMS

Table 6.1)

last-minute (adj.—not last minute—see CMS

Table 6.1)

late-night (adj.—not late night see CMS

Table 6.1)

late-summer (adj.—not late summer—see

CMS Table 6.1)

latter-day (adj.—not latter day—see W’s

10th )

life threatening (as pred. adj.—not life-

threatening—see CMS Table 6.1)

lip-reader (n.—not lip reader—see W’s 10th )

literal minded (as adj. after noun—not literal-

minded—see CMS Table 6.1)




ma’am (as noun of direct address—not

m’am—see W’s 10th )

Madam (as a noun used without a name as a

form of respectful or polite address

to a woman—not spelled

Madame—see W’s 10th )


M (continued)


Madame (as noun used as a title before a

name—not spelled Madam—see

W’s 10th )

matter-of-fact (adj.—not matter of fact—see

W’s 10th )

midafternoon (adj.—not mid-afternoon—see

CMS, Table 6.1)

middle-class (adj.—not middle class—see

W’s 10th )

midsentence (n.—not mid-sentence see CMS

Table 6.1)

Morning Post (title of newspaper—not The

Morning Post—see CMS 7.136)

mother-and-child (as adj.—not mother and

child—see CMS, Table 6.1)

motorcar (n.—not motor car—see W’s 10th )

moustache (2nd spelling in W’s 10th )

mown-grass (as adj.—not mown grass—see

CMS, Table 6.1)




naïveté (not naivete—see W’s 10th )

Nationalist (as adj. and n., designating a

political group in Ireland ca. 1916:

capitalized—see CMS 7.57-7.59)

NCOs (abbrev.—not N. C. O.s—see CMS


neatly kept (adj.—not neatly-kept—see CMS

Table 6.1)

never-before-invoked (adj.—not never before

invoked—see CMS Table 6.1)

never-very-promising (adj.—not never very

promising—see CMS Table 6.1)

New Zealand-born (adj.—not New Zealand

born—see CMS Table 6.1)

no-longer-powerful (adj.—not no longer

powerful—see CMS Table 6.1)

no-longer-supple (adj.—not no longer

supple—see CMS, Table 6.1)

no-longer-young (adj.—not no longer

young—see CMS, Table 6.1)

no-man’s-land (n.—not no man’s land—see

W’s 10th )

noncommissioned (as adj.—not non-

commissioned—see W’s 10th )

nonessential (adj.—not non-essential—see

W’s 10th )

North of Ireland (defined as a geographic


not-entirely-pleasant (adj.—not not entirely

pleasant—see CMS, Table 6.1)

not-quite-regular (adj.—not not quite

regular—see CMS, Table 6.1)

not-quite-retrieved (adj.—not not quite

 retrieved—see CMS, Table 6.1)

not-very-serious (adj.—not not very

serious—see CMS, Table 6.1)

not-very-subtle (adj.—not not very subtle—

see CMS, Table 6.1)




offence (2nd spelling in W’s 10th)

off-limits (as noun—not off limits)

old-fashioned (adj.—not old fashioned—see

 W’s 10th )

one-eighth (as adj.—not one eighth—see

CMS, Table 6.1)

open-minded (adj.—not open minded—see

W’s 10th )

otherworldly (as adj.—not other-worldly—

see W’s 10th )

out-of-doors (adj. and adv.—not out of

doors—see W’s 10th )

out-of-bounds (adj.—not out of bounds—see

CMS, Table 6.1)

overconditioned (adj.—not over-

conditioned—see CMS Table 6.1)

overexamined (adj.—not over-examined—

see CMS Table 6.1)

overexcited (adj.—not over-excited—see

W’s 10th )

oversensitive (adj.—not over-sensitive—see

W’s 10th )




paper-mâché (adj.—not paper mâché—see

W’s 10th )

pink-and-beige (adj.—not pink and beige—

see CMS, Table 6.1)

president (n.: a general term—not President:

as in President Nixon)

procathedral (n.: as a general term—not Pro-

Cathedral and not pro-cathedral—

see CMS Table 6.1)

Putumayo (n., a river flowing into the

Amazon—not Putumaya—see W’s

10th, “Geographical Names”)




quay (n.—not Quay—see W’s 10th )




racquets (2nd speling in W’s 10th )

rainwater (n.—not rain water—see CMS

Table 6.1)

raspberry-jam (adj.—not raspberry jam—see

CMS Table 6.1)

realert (v.—not re-alert—see CMS Table 6.1)

reentered (v.—not re-entered—see W’s 10th )

reignited (adj.—not re-ignited—see CMS

Table 6.1)

reimposed (v. form—not re-imposed—see

CMS Table 6.1)

remarriage (n.—not re-marriage—see CMS

Table 6.1)

repointed (adj.—not re-pointed—see CMS

Table 6.1)

republic (n.: as a general term—not Republic,

as in Weimar Republic)


R (continued)


Republican (as adj. and n.: capitalized when

referring to specific party in Ireland

ca. 1916—see CMS 7.57-7.59)




scantily clad (adj.—not scantily-clad see

CMS Table 6.1)

schoolbooks (n.—not school books—see W’s

10th )

schoolmate (n.—not school mate—see W’s

10th )

shortcomings (n.—not short-comings—see

W’s 10th )

shortcut (n.—not short cut—see W’s 10th )

slaughterhouse (n.—not slaughter house—see

W’s 10th )

sleepwalk (v.—not sleep-walk—see W’s

10th )

soda bread (not soda-bread—see W’s 10th )

so-far-unspoken (adj.—not so far unspoken

see CMS Table 6.1)

soi-disant (French word—not soi disant—see

W’s 10th )

Southern Ireland (a specific geographical


spilt (2nd spelling in W’s 10th )

spun (past tense of spin—not span—see W’s

10th )

stepmother (n.—not step-mother—see W’s

10th )

stableboy (n.—not stable boy—see W III)

stiff-bristled (adj.—not stiff bristled—see

CMS Table 6.1)

stone-pillared (adj.—not stone pillared—see

W’s 10th )

straight backed (as adj. after noun—not

straight-backed—see CMS Table


subcontinent (n.—not sub-continent—see

W’s 10th )

suffragette (n.—not Suffragette—see W’s

10th )

sunbaked (adj.—not sun-baked—see W’s

10th )

Swinburne (the poet—not Swinbourne—W’s

10th )

swollen eyed (adj. after n.—not swollen-

eyed—see CMS Table 6.1)




table tilting (n.—not table-tilting—see CMS

Table 6.1)

tea party (n.—not tea-party—see W’s 10th )

thank-yous (pl. n.—not thank yous—see W’s

10th )

theatre (not theater: author uses 2nd spelling

in W’s 10th)

towards (2nd spelling in W’s 10th )

travelled (v.—2nd spelling in W’s 10th)


T (continued)


turned-out (adj.—not turned out—see CMS

Table 6.1)

twelfth-century (adj.—not twelfth century—

see CMS Table 6.1)




underestimated (v.—not under-estimated—

see W’s 10th )






wastepaper (adj.—not waste paper—see W’s

10th )

weekend (n.—not week-end—see W’s 10th )

well-timed (adj.—not well timed—see W’s

10th )

whatever (not what ever—see W’s 10th )

WC (for Water Closet—not W. C.—see W’s

10th )

well situated (as adjective after a noun—not

well-situated—CMS Table 6.1)

well scrubbed (adj.—not well-scrubbed—

CMS Table 6.1)

whenever (adv.—not when ever—see W’s

10th )

wrongdoing (n.—not wrong-doing—see W’s

10th )

wrought-iron (adj.—not wrought iron—see

CMS Table 6.1)








Zouave (n.—not zouave: see W’s 10th and

query to author on page 11 of ms.)

zeppelins (n.—not Zeppelins—see W’s 10th )